Report Absences

For students in our classroom-based program, families must report an absence within 48 hours. To report an absence, a parent or guardian can send a signed note with a student or call Denise Watts on our Attendance line at 360-662-2574.

Report an Absence

Report an Absence

If your child will be absent from school, please provide us the following information. Please note that all information with an asterisk (*) is required. When you click Submit, you will automatically receive an email record of your report. 

Student's first and last name* :  

Parent/Guardian name (first and last)* :

Your relationship to the student (parent, guardian?):

Parent/Guardian phone number (if we need to verify absence)*:

Email *:

Date of absence*:

Reason for absence* (please share the specific reason for the absence — particularly if your child has flu or respiratory symptoms):

Additional information:

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