Google Classroom How To Video
Discussion topics in video “Google Classroom How To”-

· Students must log in with their school email account (if not on a school Chromebook, must log in to google first)
· Log in to the classroom  and accept the class invite for the class
· All assignments are listed in the classwork tab
· There is course overview at top. This will give you the class road map. Many classes have options for assignments. Read this road map so you are not doing too much.
· Courses you are taking WILL NOT be listed in PowerSchool right away. Refer to your google classroom gradebook. PowerSchool will be updated EVENTUALLY (we are working on how best to do that.)
· Use the calendar. There will be office hours updated, etc.
· Turn in all assignments with the TURN IN button in classroom.

Scheduling and Classes Info Video
Discussion topics in video “Scheduling and Classes info”-

· Not the same classes as you were scheduled into for Hex 5
· Homeroom Teachers will “enroll” you through google classroom
· Each class is designed to be a one stop shop (materials/resources/assignments all completed through classroom)
· You can finish as quickly as you can.  No specific due dates, since students will be all starting at different times.
· You can finish up to 6 classes before June.
· Access to teachers by email, teachers have office hours daily. (will get that schedule out as soon as it is confirmed)
· EMAIL!! We will be emailing a ton. Check your email. And more importantly, RESPOND!

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