Closures & Delays

Bad weather and other situations may result in changes to school or bus schedules. In bad weather, we will announce changes by 6 a.m.  Soon after, we communicate with families. If you don't hear from us, it means schools and buses are operating normally


We will contact families in the following ways:

  • Automated phone call 
    (please keep your phone number updated with your school)

  • School and district websites

  • Email to families

  • District Facebook account

Types of Schedule Changes

Depending on the situation, actions we take could include:

In some cases, preschool, out-of-district transportation, and after school student or community activities may be canceled.

How can I prepare my family?

We encourage you to make plans ahead of time so your child will have a safe place to stay if you are not at home. Be sure your child understands what to do if changes are made to school or bus schedules. It may help to write the answers down and keep them where your child can find them in an emergency.

  • What is the best route to and from a limited bus service stop?

  • Where could your child go if he or she needs help?

  • Who will care for your child until you arrive?

  • Is there someone your child could call if your child is scared?