Regular Routes

We provide bus service to and from Central Kitsap School District high schools to students who live more than a mile from their neighborhood school, and students with special needs. From each high school, we also provide a transfer to or from Barker Creek.

We do not normally provide transportation to students who attend a school outside of their normal school boundaries or who live outside the district. 

Students must be registered with the Transportation Department to ride our buses. If your child attends school within your normal school boundaries, we will automatically assign your child a bus route and stop.

For questions, please call the transportation department at 360-662-8800.

Stop Locations and Times

We assign students routes and bus stops based on their home addresses. You can find bus stops and times through our online route finder.

Students should be at stops five minutes before the bus arrives.

TIPS: You will need to enter your full and exact address, as it would appear on a property assessment. For example: 1234 NW Mystreet. (Entering 1234 Mystreet or 1234 Mystreet NW would not work). If you are asked to log in, type "guest" as both the username and password.

If you cannot find your route, please call the transportation department at 360-662-8800.

We check traffic patterns, lighting, the amount of space on road shoulders and other criteria to find safe bus stop locations. We do not stop at businesses. We follow state law and only provide transportation from home to school and back.

Please be patient as bus routes settle during the first few weeks of school. We adjust routes and times as the number of students on our buses change. Families sometimes choose to start or stop riding the bus after the school year starts. Our online route finder has the most up-to-date information.

Changing Stops

A student should get on and off their bus at the same assigned stop each day. To keep students safe, state law requires school bus drivers to allow students to get on and off buses only at their assigned stops or schools.

If your child needs to get off at a different stop, you must make arrangements with the school's main office. For example, your child may need to get off at a different stop for after-school child care. Your school office will coordinate with the Transportation Department.

Special Stop Requests

We review exceptions to assigned stops on a case-by-case basis. We ask that you fill out a transportation request if you:

  • Live outside your school’s boundaries
  • Have a child who wants to ride with their special needs sibling
  • Have a child or sibling of a child in our Highly Capable program
  • Want your child to ride a bus other than the one assigned to them

We will assign all Highly Capable program students routes by the first day of school. We will notify you if we have approved or denied your request beginning October 1 after all programs have begun. Please understand that more students ride buses after the first few weeks of school. We need to ensure we have space for all existing eligible riders before we assign new riders.