About the K-12 Virtual Academy

Your child can take online classes as an alternative to learning in a traditional classroom setting. The online program allows your child to work at home with support from a teacher, who serves as your student's advisor, at Barker Creek. We partner with Pearson Education company, which provides high quality curriculum through its Connexus online program.  

How the Program Works

Students work fully online through the Pearson Connexus environment. Chromebooks will be provided for students. Students work independently and sequentially through the assigned courses. Students are guided by both system- and Advisor-generated feedback and grading. 

Online students and families meet monthly with a Barker Creek Advisor to discuss their progress, set learning goals and ask for support as needed. More frequent meetings can be scheduled as needed. All students are required to complete weekly check-ins, either online or in person. High school students will also be assigned a counselor to monitor progress to graduation. 

A typical elementary or middle school schedule includes four courses of core curriculum - English Language Arts, Math, Science, and Social Studies. 

A typical high school schedule includes six credits of core curriculum and electives to meet progress towards the 24-credit state graduation requirement. High school students will be on a six week schedule, which we call "hexmesters."  High school students will work on two courses each hexmester.

Our K-8 Virtual Academy students have the opportunity to participate in optional Enrichment Trips along with Barker Creek's K-8 Parent Partnership program. 

Enrichment Trip Examples:
Bridge Discussion @ Clear Creek Sa'qad Interactive Center
Salmon Release
Young Writers Conference
Seattle Library
Capitol Tour
Naval Undersea Museum
...and more!

Learn more about courses at each grade level:

Who Online Classes Benefit

Online classes are an excellent option for students who can’t attend school on a daily basis. It’s best for students who can take charge of their learning, stay on task online and manage their time well. We expect students to log in daily and complete work each week.

Parent/guardian support is necessary for younger students and highly recommended for older students. Students are expected to have a "Learning Coach" (Adult) available when working. Learning Coaches are expected to teach K-5 students using Pearson online curriculum. 6-12 students may be able to work more independently, however, a Learning Coach should be present to help as needed.

Special education services are available remotely and/or in person. Talk with our school staff to ensure the program is a good fit for your child's learning needs. 

Please note that the virtual academy does not offer highly capable services, Advanced Placement or College in the High School options. 

Note for high school athletes: If you intend to participate in college-level sports in Divisions I-III, you should know that at this time, the courses offered for grades 9-12 through this model have not been approved through the NCAA Eligibility Center to meet core requirements. If your students wants to be eligible for collegiate athletics, they are advised to talk with the athletic director at their attendance area/neighborhood high school.


Please visit our registration page to learn more about our process for inquiring and enrolling at Barker Creek.