Parent Partnership FAQs

What grade levels are supported?

Students in grades K-8 may enroll in the Parent Partnership Program at Barker Creek. Kindergartners must be 5 by September 1st of the enrolling year.

We live outside of Central Kitsap School District. Can we attend Barker Creek Community School Parent Partnership Program?

Yes, if we have space available. Families must fill out a Choice Transfer form for each enrolling student and turn it into the Barker Creek office staff for processing. Upon district approval we can begin serving your child.  

Does my child have to attend classes at Barker Creek Community School?

No, your child can do his or her learning at home; however, they must report progress to their consultant on a weekly basis.

Does the program provide textbooks and other instructional material?

Yes, we provide all the textbooks and instructional materials that are available to any other student enrolled in our district. We are also able to provide many supplemental materials that are district approved.

Can I use my own curriculum?

You can use your own curriculum as supplemental material but the district will provide the core curriculum.

Can my child take a music, art, or PE class?

In-district students in grades K-5 may participate in specialist classes at their neighborhood school. In-district students in grades 6-8 may be able to participate in classes such as symphony, band, and choir at their neighborhood school depending on availability.

Who grades my child's work?

It is the parent’s responsibility to correct and evaluate the student’s work. For the most part, grades are issued as Pass/Fail for grades 6-8.

Is it necessary for my student's work to be turned into the consultant?

You are required to share examples of your student’s academic progress at monthly meetings. This may include workbooks, text assignments, essays, end-of-chapter tests, etc.

Can my student check out a CKSD issued Chromebook for the school year?

Yes, please follow the link below:

Do you give stipends to families in the Parent Partnership Program?

No. The Central Kitsap School District provides you with curriculum, enrichment classes and a consultant.

Can my middle-school student take part in their local school's extracurricular sports?

Yes. Your child may participate in middle school sports if they are in good standing at Barker Creek Community School. Contact the school's athletic director about eligibility requirements.

Do you offer field trips?

Yes, however due to the spread of COVID-19 in our community, field trips are canceled. Grades K-8 past trips have included: Civic Tour in Olympia, Seattle Aquarium, Community Theatre, Salt Creek in Port Angeles, Fish Hatchery, Harbor History Museum. Trips are often free or discounted.

Do I need to pay for end of year testing for my student?

As a student at Barker Creek, all mandatory testing is free.