Participant Responsibilities

The Role of Each Participant in the Parent Partnership Program


  • Plan, teach, and correct daily lessons

  • Discuss student progress on a monthly basis

  • Provide transportation to and from school activities

  • Accompany your student(s) on field trips

  • Keep records and samples of completed work

  • Take primary responsibility for the student's education

  • With student, report weekly progress to Consultant via email/phone


  • Complete daily lessons

  • Ask questions

  • Attend scheduled meetings

  • Demonstrate appropriate behavior during school activities

  • Bring current work & books to each meeting

  • Master the learning standards associated with your learning plan

  • With parent, report weekly progress to Consultant via email/phone


  • Identify state requirements

  • Develop learning plan with the parent & student

  • Identify & help to provide appropriate instructional materials

  • Implement intervention strategies for students as needed

  • Assess success of the learning plan

  • Document contact as required by state law