About Parent Partnership

Our Parent Partnership Program creates a powerful union between home and school. We work with students in kindergarten through 8th grade. With guidance from a Barker Creek Advisor, parents are able to offer individualized instruction to their children. Students can also participate in optional weekly Enrichment classes.

How the Program Works

At the beginning of the year, you and a state-certified teacher (your Advisor) work together to create a Written Student Learning Plan (WSLP). The plan includes the subjects you will teach at home and your child’s monthly goals.  By joining the Parent Partnership Program, you can check out textbooks and other materials. These are the same materials used in our other CK schools. Parents are responsible for their child’s daily lessons and skill development. This means that parents are the primary teacher. Students complete end of chapter tests as well as other required standardized tests.

Full-time students are required to spend at least 27.75 hours a week in learning activities in grades 1-8 and 10 hours in kindergarten. High school credits earned are applied to an official district transcript. Students in grades 3-8 are required to participate in state testing.

You and your child will meet with an Advisor each month. Together, you will review your child’s progress based on the WSLP.  Students are required to make weekly contact with their consultant to report progress, take tests or for other learning activities. The Advisor will offer suggestions and support to help you provide the best possible education for your child.

Friday Enrichment Classes

Enrichment is an optional program for Parent Partnership students. Children are invited to attend classes on Fridays where they will participate in a variety of activities in a fun and interactive way with other students in their same grade band. If you are interested in having your child participate in our Enrichment classes, please contact your Advisor to discuss availability.
Enrichment Brochure

Enrichment Trips

Opportunities are organized regularly to provide authentic, academic, and social learning for those who are interested. Previous field trips and meet ups have included geocaching, Capitol building in Olympia, the Seattle Aquarium, field science meet ups, and many more! All Parent Partnership families are eligible to attend.

Upcoming 2023-24 Enrichment Trips:
Tracyton Movie House: The Polar Express - December 13th
LeMay Car Museum - January 11th
Suquamish Museum - February 1st
Bridge Discussion @ Clear Creek Sa'qad Interactive Center - February 26th
Little Red Riding Hood - March 19th
Young Writers Conference - March 28th
Lightwire's Dino Light - April 9th
Capitol Tour - April 25th


Please visit our registration page to learn more about our process for inquiring and enrolling at Barker Creek.