Online Academy FAQs

If a student is interested in doing online courses through CK Online, who should they contact?

Call us at 360-662-2570 to get information, and to learn about the registration process. It is not advisable to withdraw from any other school or program until after you have attended an information session to learn about the program as it has different parameters than a traditional school. Any questions that an office person cannot answer will be referred to Lindi Zuber, who coordinates the program, and she will contact the interested student/parent by phone or e-mail.

When is an orientation going to be offered?

To learn about upcoming orientation sessions, please contact the front office at 360-662-2570.

Who is eligible to take online classes?

Students in grades 9 through 12 living in the Central Kitsap School District are the target population. Up to 10 percent of the students may be from outside CK district (1-4 students), but CK students are given priority. The courses taken must be part of the student’s normal six-period semester, not in addition to a full schedule.

Does it cost?

There is no cost for online classes, unless it is beyond a student’s normal 6 period day.

Can a student take online classes and also take classes at another school?

Priority is given to enrolling full time students, but if space is available a student may be taking classes offline also.  Important:  Unless the offline courses are not offered, those classes must be taken at Barker Creek Community School.

Are Advanced Placement classes offered?

No, they are not offered.  Online students will only be able to take 2 courses online at one time, and the time frame for completing the courses is six weeks, which will not work for AP classes.

Can a student take online classes, but still graduate with their neighborhood high school?

Any student who completed their graduation requirements through the online program will only be allowed to earn a Barker Creek Community School diploma.

Is the online program on the same semester schedule as a traditional high school?

No, and yes.  The online provider does not allow a student to take six courses all at the same time.  Therefore, the normal schedule will be to take two online courses at a time, with a six-week deadline for completion.  That will allow a student to take six courses in an eighteen-week period, which is the normal semester timeline.