Barker Creek Weekly Bulletin

Barker Creek


18th September 2020


Please read below for information on Email, Advisory, Classlink, Due Dates, and Fun.

Check your email-

The best/easiest/shortest way to keep up on all your classes and homeroom is reading your email.

·Homeroom -have you made contact this week?

·Bulletin -it’s how you get informed on the details for school.

·Progress -teachers sending quick notes to check on your assignments (read those emails).

·WSLP -how teachers get signatures/advisory/goal setting.

·Are you keeping a tidy inbox? Don’t be overwhelmed!

Due Dates for Classwork-

·Monday-Friday: work should be completed during the week and turned in (end of school day Friday).

·Teachers will update grades in PowerSchool Weekly.

·Next Friday: New classwork is uploaded in the afternoon.

·Late work will be accepted through the end of the hex (Hex 1 ends Oct 22nd)

Free/Reduced Lunch Application -Apply now(Almuerzo Escolar)


Has your family income changed over the past months?

It is very likely your family qualifies for the free/reduced lunch program.


·Why apply when school meals are free right now?

·When school starts in person, meals will be readily available for them

·There are scholarships beyond highschool that you may qualify for.

·Applying makes the application for other DSHS services easier.

oLikeAppleHealth(free health insurance for your kids)

Free Meals -Seriously! Do not be hungry!

Click here for info about meals.

Free No need to qualify. Breakfast and Lunch.


Hereis a helpful video forClasslink,

·Classlink is a hub for all your school needs (Google Suite, Powerschool, etc).

Something for fun!

Did you have a favorite elementary librarian? Do you miss those storytimes?

Clickhereto see some of the district’s librarians and listen to a story.